Software services

Revolutionize & streamline your business with our software development services. Explore limitless possibilities today!

Website Development

Your website serves two purposes, as a business card, and as a portfolio. Having a snappy and modern website is the key to being seen and taken seriously on the internet.

We can help you with creating fast and easily maintainable website as well as revamping an existing one. We can create custom WordPress themes and plugins, static websites using only HTML, CSS, JS, as well as highly functional websites using ASP.NET.

ERP/Autonomous systems

Keeping everything inside your head is an option when the clients and tasks are few. However, as your business grows, clients and tasks also increase. ERP systems are a great way to manage business complexity by enforcing one way of doing tasks from your workflow. This reduces the cognitive load, reduces the chances of errors happening, and as a result, makes you work less, or even, let someone else manage the work for you, because the system will enforce the rules. However, making a system too rigid, will result in the opposite effect. We are flexible and understand your needs for different levels of autonomy in order to create software that works for you.

Audit software and harden security

Thinking about security is mandatory even for simple websites. We are building software with security in mind, as well as auditing and fixing existing projects. Having your website hijacked/leaked is something that is easily preventable. Having good security is beneficial for the trust of your clients and keeping your personal information safe.